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Welcome to Successful Gardening

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Successful Gardening with Annette McFarlane introduces readers to the fundamental principles of organic gardening. It provides information on organic pest control methods, helps you to identify pests through pictures and suggests organic remedies to solve common gardening problems. Check my Events, Meet and Greet page to see what's on in and around Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
   About Annette McFarlane - teacher, garden writer, author and broadcaster
-Awarded the Year of The Built Environment Medal (2004) for services to the community and the Department of Education & Training and for work in enriching community awareness of horticulture and the environment.
-Lecturer in horticulture for over twenty eight years
-Masters qualification in Environmental Education
-Feature writer and Queensland contributor for Burke’s Backyard magazine and a number of other horticultural publications
-Gardening columnist for the Sunday Mail newspaper
-Gardening talkback presenter on ABC 612 radio for over 20 years.
-Author of five books including Successful Gardening in Warm Climates, Organic Vegetable Gardening,
Organic Fruit Growing and most recently Gardening Australia "Love Your Garden".
This website does not accept paid advertisements and you cannot buy anything directly from this site. Any tools, gardening products or books mentioned on this site are identified in the hope that they may help you in your gardening pursuits. These items are available from a variety of outlets, but some suppliers have been identified for your convenience. Images on this website have been supplied by Seeing Green Horticultural Library

In My Garden


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Planting Calendar

  In My Garden     What's Bugging You     Vegetable Growing     Planting Calendar  

People often ask me what my garden is like. Here's a quick overview of the types of plants I grow. I love productive plants and have included the names of a few varieties that grow well for me, as well as some hardy ornamentals. 


This section outlines common pest and disease problems and control methods. I have included do-it-yourself  pest control recipes as well as off the shelf organic and low toxic products that you can purchase from suppliers.


Check out this comprehensive selection of articles on growing vegetables. I hope they will help you select seasonally appropriate vegetables so that you can get the most out of your backyard herb and vegetable patch.


This calendar outlines  gardening tasks and provides seasonal flower and vegetable planting lists. It is primarily  written to help gardeners in Queensland Australia or gardeners who live in similar climates.


Events, Meet & Greet


What's New


Feature Item


Plant Lists

  Meet & Greet - Events     What's New     Feature Item     Plant List  

This section lists  gardening related events and courses. I have identified when and where you will be able to catch up with me to have your individual questions or problems answered in person.


Like most gardeners I am always on the lookout for worthwhile plants, tools and new organic products. Here are some items I have discovered recently as well as products I have used and recommend.


This section provides information on a topical gardening issues. Currently you can read about dealing with drought, taking instant cuttings and saving your back by building a no-dig garden. 


Looking for fire retardant or drought tolerant species? These plants are tough. Watch this space for future planting  suggestions for a range of garden situations.


Food Recipes


List Your Event





  Food Recipes         Bookings     Links  
  Suffering from an over abundance of home grown goodies? It is always useful to have some easy recipes to make use of the bounty that your garden has produced.     This page lists gardening events within Australia and New Zealand. It also lists the events that you can listen to Annette's informative talks and personally meet with all your gardening problems.     Annette McFarlane gives presentations at gardening related shows, field days, nursery promotions and training days. Use this page to book Annette for your event.     Go to this page to find a short list of hyperlinks to gardening and horticultural sites that may provide just the information you need to garden more successfully.  
  My Publications  

Organic Fruit Growing
Best-selling author Annette McFarlane takes on organic fruit growing in a companion book to her enduring classic Organic Vegetable Gardening. In this practical, no-fail guide, Annette makes fruit growing easy with advice on:
■soil preparation and drainage ■water wise design
■nutrition more


Organic Vegetable Gardening
In a world where mass-produced food often lacks taste and freshness, more and more people are growing their own vegetables. This new, greatly expanded edition of Annette McFarlane’s gardening classic offers gardeners an authoritative and comprehensive guide to growing an extensive range of organic vegetables. As well as outlining more


Gardening Australia "Love Your Garden"
Gardening author and ABC radio presenter Annette McFarlane took on the mammoth task of watching countless episodes of Gardening Australia and reading program transcripts and fact sheets. She has selected, edited and complied the best more


Successful Gardening In Warm Climates
In this brand new edition of an Australian bestseller, author, horticulturist and organic gardening expert Annette McFarlane demonstrates how to help your garden flourish, no matter what your climate or conditions. This comprehensive guide analyses the inherent problems more


Join me at an upcoming Events
Gardening Shows, Gardening Workshops etc - more info....

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