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Organic Fruit Growing
Best-selling author Annette McFarlane takes on organic fruit growing in a companion book to her enduring classic Organic Vegetable Gardening. In this practical, no-fail guide, Annette makes fruit growing easy with advice on:
soil preparation and drainage
water wise design
coping with climactic variations (including drought tolerance)
purchasing and planting
pruning and training
how to cook with various fruit (recipes provided)
pest and diseases and how to control them organically.
Complete with profiles of 60 shrubs, vines and trees, including unusual fruits such as carambola, grumichama and granadilla, and specific advice on how to best manage their requirements, Organic Fruit Growing will show you, whether a novice or experienced gardener, how to supply family, friends and neighbours with fruit all year round.

This book is currently out of print. It is available in most libraries to borrow. Ask your local librarian.

Successful Gardening In Warm Climates
In this brand new edition of an Australian bestseller, author, horticulturist and organic gardening expert Annette McFarlane demonstrates how to help your garden flourish, no matter what your climate or conditions.

This comprehensive guide analyses the inherent problems of tropical, subtropical, warm temperate and cool temperate climate zones and offers practical solutions to the problems that arise in each area.

A philosophy of organics and water conservation permeates this practical book, with a new chapter on waterwise gardening that is specifically designed to help gardeners everywhere cope with drought. Revised chapters on green manures and cover crops, fertilisers and bed preparation, mulching and pest and disease control will help you take an organic approach to establishing and maintaining your garden.

Successful Gardening in Warm Climates also shows how to create an attractive and productive garden, with a thorough guide to flower, herb, vegetable and fruit growing and chapters dedicated to the culture of azaleas, camellias, gardenias, vireyas, hibiscus, roses, Australian natives and exotic plants.

Extensively illustrated, this is an essential reference book for Australian gardeners.

This book is currently out of print. It is available in most libraries to borrow. Ask your local librarian.


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It is also available in most libraries to borrow. Ask your local librarian or purchase as an E-Book.
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Organic Vegetable Gardening;
In a world where mass-produced food often lacks taste and freshness, more and more people are growing their own vegetables. This new, greatly expanded edition of Annette McFarlane’s gardening classic offers gardeners an authoritative and comprehensive guide to growing an extensive range of organic vegetables. As well as outlining the basics — how to plan your garden and prepare soil, make compost, develop a planting guide, propagate, sow and germinate seeds, Annette offers a mass of new and exciting material. In ‘Garden to Gourmet’, she explains how to grow Australian bush food and the herbs and spices that give unique character to the cuisines of China, Greece, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand and India. There are additional chapters on growing different types of mushrooms, and edible flowers and weeds. For gardeners with not much room to move, there is a whole new chapter on growing a large range of vegetables in containers. And for those interested in heirloom vegetables, advice on collecting and storing seeds. All this plus extensive instructions on how to grow over 115 vegetables in the ‘A for Amaranth Spinach to Z for Zucchini’ section, which includes heaps of new information on Asian greens and cabbages and unusual vegetables, ensures that Organic Vegetable Gardening remains the organic grower’s bible.

This book is out of print but is available as an ebook (see above). It is also available in most libraries to borrow. Ask your local librarian.

Gardening Australia "Love Your Garden"
Gardening author and ABC radio presenter Annette McFarlane took on the mammoth task of watching countless episodes of Gardening Australia and reading program transcripts and fact sheets. She has selected, edited and complied the best gardening information, hints and tips aired on Gardening Australia over the past 25 years and contributed her own horticultural expertise in the writing of this book.

This book is available in all good book stores and selected nurseries. Book stores may need to order it for you. It is also available in most libraries to borrow. Ask your local librarian.


Brisbane-based environmental scientist turned professional garden, Kate Wall, helps gardeners deal with their weed control dilemmas in her recently released book, ‘Working with Weeds’. According to Wall, ‘By looking more closely at what weeds are growing we learn so much about the conditions in our gardens.’ It has long been acknowledged that deep rooted weeds indicate heavy compacted soil, while bulbous weeds including nutgrass indicate low calcium. Soil improvement makes these weeds less vigorous and therefore easier to control.

Wall believes education is the key. ‘When we know our weeds, we can control them effectively, organically and permanently, allowing us to create far more satisfying gardens. Some weeds we may even decide to tolerate as we discover how useful they are as food, medicine, habitat or soil improvers.’ Weeds certainly have value in attracting bees, beneficial insects and butterflies to gardens. When it comes to eating weeds, Wall suggests trying brassica relatives flickweed, swine cress, peppercress and shepherd’s cress.
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What an honour it is to be featured in Anne Vale's new book, 'Influential Australian Garden People and Their Stories'. Dr. Anne Vale is a historian, lecturer and garden photographer. This latest book is a sequel to her 2003 award winning title, 'Exceptional Australian Garden Makers'. I am enjoying reading about colleagues like Jane Edmanson, Steven Ryan and Tim Entwistle. Other Queenslanders featured include Arno King and Paul Plant. Copies will soon be available at BCC libraries or you can purchase copies online at

Down To Earth Garden Design
Creating a dream garden might look easy on TV, but when you’re standing in your own backyard it can be hard to know where to start. In this handy little book, Phil Dudman takes you through the planning and design process and gives you the practical skills, knowledge and construction ability to make your garden dreams a reality. Breaking down the design process to simple, easy-to-understand steps, Phil will have you on your way to garden design heaven in no time. With Phil’s professional design secrets and practical knowledge, you’ll quickly discover how to build retaining walls, steps and pergolas; lay pavers and pathways; and even install drainage. And when the construction is done, he shows you how to establish a lawn, improve your soil and ensure your new garden flourishes. Fully illustrated with easy-to-follow step-by-step diagrams and inspirational photographs, Down-to-Earth Garden Design is the essential guide for any backyard gardener. Available from ABC Books and all good book stores. ARP: $35.00

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