On ABC Radio Rebecca Livingston challenged me to put pen to paper and create lyrics for a Queensland Garden Guide. Listeners called in with helpful suggestions. Here are my thoughts. Over to you Rebecca!

Gardening in Queensland

Gardening here in Queensland, is a confusing thing
The May bush never blooms in May-Octoberís when itís in
Novemberís when the frangipani starts to sprout its shoots
Take cuttings in the winter time when giant limbs form roots

Too late to try to study now, there is no time to cram
For when the jacarandas bloom, it signals an exam
At Christmas time the Poinciana takes on centre stage
The grass is green, the weatherís hot and we all look for shade

And when the New Year comes around, its way to hot to labour
Just take some cuttings, sow some seed and share them with your neighbour
They say the time to plant sweet peas is on St Patrickís Day
But wait, sit back and rest a while youíve got a month to play

In March and April gardeners work preparing vegie beds
What we can grow in winter time makes others scratch their heads
Itís time to plant your broccoli, tomatoes and your beans
Asparagus, your strawberries and any other greens

Our spring begins early May when violas are a blooming
And June is when we trim most things, like trees that need some pruning
Julyís the time that roses like, so wait a little please
Be gentle on old fashioned types, trim others to your knees

August means its Ekka time - and westerlies start to blow
Plant summer crops and pumpkin seeds-stand back and watch them grow
Poinsettias in the garden Ė they are an August bloomer
But stores sell pots at Christmas time - confusing the consumer

September in Toowoomba means the Carnival of Flowers
But on the coast its hot and dry and we all pray for showers
And you have a cycad, the time for actionís come
As larvae of blue butterflies are having lots of fun

So if you are a gardener and Qld is your home
The ABCís the place to be a clever garden gnome
Your ABC presenters know exactly what is what
So why not call the talkback line and put them on the spot.

by Annette McFarlane


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